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Trove: a story about the dragon

Le 10 November 2016, 02:36 dans Humeurs 0

I want to get one of those cho-codes before they're dra-gone. But I don't think I can-dy. I will absolutely "cream" the competition with these puns. I wish I could get the dragon before it's too choco-late. It would be sweet. I would continue to drag-on and on and on about it to my friends and they would be "jelly" of what I got.

All dragons are born the same. They all start out with their scales coated in a dull grey colouring and share very little difference between both physical and mental capabilities. This equality is soon changed however, when these fledglings begin to dine upon their first meals. Since dragons have a very different structure to us Trovians, they require far more energy than we want to buy trove items. Because of this, a dragon leaves behind no excess waste, instead absorbing the indigestible parts of the organism consumed. This allows the dragon to 'steal' the parts of the organism that were used to help it survive before its consumption, allowing the dragon to effectively live in the area and continue hunting more prey. Because of this, dragons could have be found in all but one biome: Candoria. You see, dragons are allergic to chocolate, sort of like a corgi. As almost all creatures in Candoria contain this substance, there just isn't enough food a carnivorous dragon could devour without eventually having an allergic reaction and most likely dying.

One day, an egg hatched atop a nest in the Dragonfire Peaks. The fledgling that emerged from it was no ordinary one, as its scales were not grey, but a checkered black/brown pattern. Other, older dragons mocked this fledgling, denying it food and calling it by the name 'Dracocolati', as its unique checkered pattern made it look like chocolate, the same thing that could easily end their existence. Upset about how she was being treated, she fled in search for a new place to live.

Many days later, and the fledgling eventually arrived to Candoria. At such a young age, she wouldn't have been taught the dangers of this area and how almost all food there was fatal. Looking ahead, she accepted this place as her new home and ran hastily inside on the hunt for other dragons.

Millennium pass by, and a young man walks into Candoria. This man had a sweet tooth, so this place provided him with lots of supplies for future adventures. While walking through, he noticed there were no creatures around the proximity, unlike the other Candoria biomes he visited which were some of the busiest known. Enlightened by this, he decided to set up a small tent to stay in overnight, as there appeared to be no threats near him. Dusk quickly fell, and the man climbed into his tent. Closing his eyes, he began to dream about chocolate.

The man quickly awoke, a faint growl surrounding the tent. "How could this be?" he thought, "There were no other beings for miles around!". This growl soon loudened, as this 'thing' creeped closer and closer to the tent. A faint chocolatey aura smothered the tent while the man fumbled for his pocket torch. Through the lining he could make out a gigantic silhouette, resembling that of a mighty beast. What could it be? No such being inhabits Candoria, and dragons cannot survive in the area. The tent flaps open, and a dark, pointed face peers through. The man shines a torch upon this beast, and a dragon is starting directly at him, it's caramel face melting, yet somehow not at the same time. The dragon lay down, covering the tent in a chocolate substance. Baffled, the man reaches over to the dragon, which shows no signs of hostility to Buy Trove Flux, but instead leans closer to the man, forming a bond between the pair. The man falls asleep, one arm resting on the now slumbering dragon.

Dawn arrives, and the man wakes up. The dragon is still beside him, eyes wide open as if was waiting for him to wake. Outside, the man asked for the dragon's name, in which it used its nose to write its name from the ground beneath. "Dracocolati? That's a great name" he said, which caused the dragon to smile. She finally found a friend, and this man was the best friend Dracocolati could have. The man, who is now a candy barbarian, mounted onto Dracocolati and began to fly into the distance, their next adventure waiting for them.

Trove: what is endgame in Trove exactly

Le 7 November 2016, 02:58 dans Humeurs 0

What is endgame in Trove exactly? I've been playing mmo's since the early 2k's and end game usually meant you have tackled the hardest content in the game. There's nothing harder left to beat. In Trove, what is that really? Ultra DOTM? I'm clearing that every week and I don't really feel that I need to hit 20k+ PR to do it. I'm almost 13k right now.

"Oh but you can clear it FASTER though!" Seriously? what does it really matter? Takes 10min for my friends and I and we're plenty happy with that.

I'm 300 mastery and any costumes or item skins I've always wanted, I have already. I did it all with no patron. Do I really need Buy Trove Flux in the game? No.. Why? I don't see the point to collecting things where 85% of what I collect I will never use, care to use, or even bother to look at after I have collected said item.

Take ground mounts, sure they are pretty cool and I really do wish they had more use. But dragons have made ground mounts obsolete aside from standing in the hub world looking cool.

Maybe I'm missing something about Trove's so-called "end game" but I can't really think of much this game has that requires patron that I can't do as a free to play. This just isn't that kind of game. Do I buy things in the store from time to time? Sure, if I feel the what is being offered has use to me. But that's why I play Rift, for the real end game. In Trove I build stuff with blocks, fly around and complete "dungeons" (I use that term lightly) because anything that takes 6 seconds to complete really isn't much of a dungeon imo.

I agree with all of that. I've said in the past that jumps and bombs have semi-ruined trove. How much harder would a lot of dungeons/lairs be if we weren't able to break into them from above the boss room? How about traveling through a dungeon where you can only buy it through the Trove Flux for sale. Everything would slow down and people would change their builds to reflect it. Not being able to jump over a dungeons traps would make you more dependent on health and less on crit.

I'm not saying that removing functionality that we've grown to rely on is the option but it made the game easier for sure. The newer mounts that aren't dragons are rarely used which sucks. They just don't share the same functionality as the dragons. Griffons are awesome additions to the game but they are going to be neglected by those who have a dragon as they can't shoot a fireball. 

95% of the people who have one of the following mounts will use it over everything else.

Primordial Dragon/ToW Mount (Fort/Alb/Ganda)/Any Dragon

I'd love to see how many people actually don't use one of those when they have them already. The only time I see people not using these is when a new mount is released. They use the flavor of the month momentarily and then revert back. Making mounts work like they do on RIFT would be a great option. They can keep the internal stats of the 'fastest' mount they have and use the skin they want. This would need to be different in Trove as movement speed isn't the stat that people want to carry over but that is how it would work.

Give non flying mounts a way to fly because you've earned a mount that does fly. Toss a cannon on that ball mount because you have a dragon that can fire as well.

Making it so mounts can unlock an ability removes the reason for me to use only one of a few mounts. I can have my classic PWN-E mount that flies and shoots while looking awesome. People would use different mounts for sure.

Trove: the safeguards aren't safe enough for this group

Le 29 October 2016, 11:02 dans Humeurs 0

and another thread for the safety of the stahpids...i can clearly remember the days in which u opened the market, entered the price and then clicked the button and u already put it in the market. now, u put in your price. then u get asked if this price u entered was right. after that, the item goes into protectet/stealth mode selling, and nobody can see it or buy it in the next 60 seconds. during those 60 seconds, u CAN, if u actually want to, check prices again and this time hey even got some ****ing spacers there to show u if u typed your damn number right. 

back in the days, people who were clearly to stupid to even enter the marked cryed around because of lost Trove Flux. now, after all those safeguardings have been implemented, it HASNT CHANGED ONE. SINGLE. THING. because people are still not checking theyr prices. 

and if they add colors, and a warning for the warning which asks you if your price is right, people will still not check theyr prices and come to forum to cry.and after all this aggressive salt, im agreeing with Cheap Trove Flux in here, some spacers to clearly show the numbers may(most likely wont) change a thing. but colors are definetively too much...

That's why I proposed an optional change in the confirmation window. If you set your threshold to 25% current average it would simply stop dumb people from being dumb. Of course the more attentive people could turn it off and it would be even less intrusive than it is now.

If such a thing were an option, threads like this would be non-existent. In it's current form these will continue to pop up. The attentives will continue to be upset at all the safeguards (which could then be turned off) and the inattentives will continue to make mistakes (because the safeguards aren't safe enough for this group). A simple optional price calc fixes it for everyone. I think what's driving me crazy about this is no matter how well I try to describe it, very few people seem to get how everyone wins.

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