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Traveling is good for the game in Albion

Le 17 August 2016, 05:03 dans Humeurs 0

From what I am seeing with all the arguing is that both sides want as much interaction between players as possible. The whole reason people are drawn to the game is because its a player driven game. Changes in the game need to reflect this. I have a few ideas:

Traveling is good for the game, but traveling without action and traveling through the same type of zone for a while can be boring. The devs have already said that they are working on diversifying the zones. To make traveling more interesting could be to make roads safe to travel on and the areas beside roads filled with mobs that can take you off your ox/horse about Albion Online Powerleveling. This can force caravans to either deal with mobs or go on the roads that might be full of player bandits.

Mobs that become resource nodes were a great idea and should be branched out too most resources, if people want to get more Albion Online Gold they should have to devote some silver to gearing up to fight harder mobs that can reward

them with large amounts of resources. Maybe even have a hellgate thing going on where guilds or groups can fight over a "boss" resource monster.

If they don't make each zone different and worth exploring from the last then they should remove zones to fit the population of the game better. More isnt always better.

ferrying resources encourages player interaction and should stay in the game. Being a trader is fun anyway.

This is my first beta to be a part of.

There are basically a few situations I have found very interesting.

   --Ox Caravans to the Black Zone. (Your guild works together to protect large amounts of materials being transported)

   --Relic Chests: Every 4 hours you get to fight over Relic Chests in the Black Zone

   --Siege castles: Every 8 hours you get to fight over Castles

   --Hellgates: 5v5vE inside these dungeons is very fun.

Things that will change how the markets work:

   --There will be 2 more Biomes (Forest and Grasslands). So materials will be even more spread out than they are now.

   --Mount Update: Gathering materials and traveling will be faster after the upcoming changes to mounts.

   --Weight-Travel system: They are introducing the ability to travel with items with a cost. (Might make it possible to travel with your gear, but not with a ton of resources)

Albion Online: The Solution is easy

Le 13 August 2016, 07:54 dans Humeurs 0

LP is like using a nuke to kill a small bug.


Issue they tried to fix:

Casual players in a Hardcore PvP game will fall FAR behind and be mercilessly slaughtered all day every day.

Issues they created:

Hardcore Gamers and Min-Maxers now make multiple accounts, and get far ahead of everybody.

Normal players progress faster and get to the end of progression quicker.



Suggested Solution to make more AO Silver: Earned LP

Do not "GIVE" players LP, make them earn it daily.

Novice Adventuer gains 1 LP per 100 fame gained (max 20 per day)

Journeyman Adventurer gains 1 LP per 500 fame gained (max 20 per day)

Adept Adventurer gains 1 LP per 1000 fame gained (max 20 per day)

Expert Adventurer gains 1 LP per 2000 fame gained (max 20 per day)

Master Adventurer gains 1 LP per 3000 fame gained (max 20 per day)

Grandmaster Adventurer gains 1 LP per 4000 fame gained (max 20 per day)

Elder Adventurer gains 1 LP per 5000 fame gained (max 20 per day)



Why does this work?

New players will be playing the game, hopefully a little every day, and they will progress using LP quickly at the start (catching up to T4 or T5 quickly, then slowing down)

Veteran players need to play much longer to reach the max, If they take a break from leveling their main, to play on an ALT character, they will fall behind players that are earning more Albion Online Gold than them each day.

What do you think?


The purpose of alts is to spread your tasks around. So each alt is still gaining fame at a rate of x per x resources in. Meaning all alts will be hiting those fame requirements off of their specific task, i.e. I gathered 1k t4 hides on one character, then processed them on another, then crafted x # of leather chest bodies on the 3rd. All are gaining fame at a rate.


Now this wouldn't be a problem comparing it to one character gaining the fame from ALL sources. Obviously he would be getting more than each individual alt correct?


Well not really because of how fame amps up with tiers.


The one doing everything on one character will be starved out around t4 bringing in fame from t4 resources while the person handling each individual process on different characters (with the same LP invested) will be handling atleast T6 resources (+ enchanted Albion Online Silver) netting way more fame per gather / time invested.


It is true that i am a bit of an outlier and an exception BUT what i am doing myself is being replicated in guilds all over the game. Any main player most likely is running atleast 1 alt to contribute to guild production.


LP just doesnt work, no matter how you try to implement or tweak it. From a logical standpoint it is taking 5 steps backwards while trying to move forwards.

things hayatos should be improved upon

Le 1 February 2016, 09:54 dans Humeurs 0

need more mastery.. my range would be 400k ~ 800k fully buffed and i would MapleStory Mesohit 12m lines and something as low as 4mil lines lol..

shimada's heart should either be reworked or fixed.
hayatos dodge buffs.. i cannot stress this enough. on loads of bosses, we hayatos aren't even able to accumulate our dodge buffs. it's literally 200k worth of range that i can't use on bosses like ra or gollux. it's still do-able to get dodge stacks in gollux, but can these dodge buffs be made more practical?

The weekly maintenance is always 3 hours and it's not meant to solve bugs.
It's meant to do things like database backups, OS updates, hardware maintenance, etc.
If they can also push out some bug fixes, all the better, but it's not what the three hours are about.

Also - the bigger problems including codex, professions, and Gollux platforms are either still being investigated(looking for root causes, other things the problems affect, etc.) or a fix is in the works.
Unfortunately, not every issue is as simple Cheap MapleStory Mesos as changing a single part in a line of code, and some things take longer than others.



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