December 24th brings us 2 new main event and some ingame updates to celebrate the fast approaching new Year.

Bingo event is back for more rewards

Name the new class for the Japanese server competition. You can increase your BNS Power leveling by surfing more information.

More winter Socks and firecrackers to celebrate the new year


The Bingo event start December 24th until the beginning of regular maintenance on January 6th, 2016 .

Fill the Bingo board by earning bingo points from the in-game Lucky Board.  

Receive various items upon filling up 1, 3, 6, 9 lines & full board.

You will receive the 'End of the World' Outfit when you have completed the Bingo board.

Login is required to fill the board.

You can only fill up to 5 slots on the bingo board per day. Resets everyday at 6AM JST.


Name the new Class



Event Period

Event start from December 24, 2015 at 4PM JST until January 7, 2016 at 11.59PM JST


Result Announcement

Announcement of the results is planned for January 12, 2016.


Naming Contest

NcSoft JP is looking for a cool and creative name specific for the Japanese server even though the new class is already known as 'Soul Fighter' on the Korean server.You are allowed to get more information in the official website to buy more Cheap Blade And Soul Gold.


Conditions of Participation and How to Participate

Only 1 entry per account is allowed. Any duplicate entry will disqualify the whole account entries.

Entry is required to be posted on the "Image Bulletin Board".