I have a high level shadow character that i don't have fun with anymore, some decent CI gear and a Bino's dagger. I could spend some regrets and destroy game content with blade flurry now. But it's so absurdly broken that i feel it would be cheating and that's not fun. Anyone has this feeling too?

I tried blade flurry with a generic non-poison resolute technique char and it's good but not ridiculously broken, i mean same damage level of other good skills (read lacerate) with slightly faster but more clunky playstyle. what makes the skill broken is the poison stacking, poison need a cap of stacks.

It's not OP by any means, it's not the best melee skill for clearing maps though it is very close, but it is the best melee skill for single target by a margin so large that it's actually not funny. Of course, my judgement of the skill is only at high end, since I haven't really bothered to level a character with the Path of Exile Chaos Orb. I'm not saying it's bad (a few people seem to think I am), it's fucking amazing, but it's more hype than anything. It only looks OP because you're probably watching Mathil, and he makes everything look OP.

I would expect a very slight nerf to damage, but that's really it. The chances of it getting butchered 2 weeks after it was released are pretty damn low. Also, what I_NO said, don't play it if you don't want, up to you.

Honestly my guess is probably 3 exalts, couldn't really see them going for any more than 4. Bino's isn't even that great of a dagger really, pretty bad attack speed. Although I guess it being unique helps make it significantly more available than a decent rare dagger early league, so who knows?

I don't think the skill will be wrecked before the league, maybe a light slap on the wrist so my bet on bino in first week is 2ex and 4ex for cospri even if they nerf or remove double dipping. Rare weapons are a joke, there are maybe 20 daggers over 250dps and 7% crit in essence and the league is over, no claws with those specs at all except anguish. Rare item league my ass.

And why is that? Because DoT damage is doubled? It's just additional large layer of power grown on skill with already overtuned dps. It deals 2-3x the damage of other melee skills even without double dip.The damage is nice but melee damage is always nice with good gear :D What I find funny is that the gem kills offscreen while still having the melee tag on it. Very curious to see what they will do to it.

I think to change blade flurry and poison etc to an appropriate level, they need to #1 only make chaos damage able to poison. do not give it a physical damage ratio at all. this makes poison more exclusive to Buy POE Chaos Orb, which will instantly lower its damage. it would actually half it right off the hop for some builds. so poison becomes 10% of chaos damage per second for 2 seconds base duration.

then for blade flurry, 20% more damage per stage, 6 stages, and it only takes 1 second to get to 6 stages.....are you insane? this is absolutely broken as all fuck. 120% MORE damage within 1 second of channeling. drop this by half at least. 10% more per stage. thats 60% more. 66% base weapon damage +60% more is basically 105% base weapon attack damage. actually this still might be too high, considering you get 65% MORE attack speed just by using the damn skill.

make the 65% more attack speed, increased, and drop the more dmg to 10%. change poison to only be based off chaos damage and boom now you're looking at something that is better balanced.

i don't have an issue with double dipping mechanics. it actually makes a lot of sense. but poison double dip can get just too out of hand back when we could get all damage as chaos. we can't now, so its slightly better, but instead we just go 100% physical and chaos then still all of our damage can poison, so its just as bad.