I understand that a lot of people may have support tickets but i put in my ticket days ago and still have had no response, the wait wouldn't be so bad if i could it least Cheap BNS Gold mail the new character i had to make items from my main, common items like materials and keys etc. normal things you can usually trade and sell. Or even just the gold you had from your previous account but you cant, all items, even common items cant be mailed. Even trying to send just gold alone is impossible. funny thing is, it says that money can be sent but only with account bound items attached, but when you attach a single account bound item and hit send, it says "account bound items cant be sent with other items and Money" wtf is that. Ive been in Que since Head start and now at launch i cant even use the Master Pack stuff i paid for. Is anyone else having this issue?

Yes some guildys have gotten messages asking if they wanted their nccoins to be replenished or if they used any. Maybe you didnt need to ask us if we made it more detailed bout what we wanted back but at the same time we would like something that makes us less worried if we created the ticket correctly or not. For example theres no "Gameplay" option but it does say "Gameplay issues". And yes inventory and wasting keys to open up chests <.<. Would be nice and greatly appreciative to have our items please.

Yes and I've also heard from a friend is that he wrote in the ticket about he wanted his name, master pack items, and ncoins transferred. When they responded they asked him if they Buy Blade And Soul Gold wanted his ncoins refunded when he literally said that on the original ticket. 6 hours later after that reply and they still haven't gotten back to that already answered question that he asked lmao!!! I get maybe they are just trying to make sure but damn its quite obvious