I want to get one of those cho-codes before they're dra-gone. But I don't think I can-dy. I will absolutely "cream" the competition with these puns. I wish I could get the dragon before it's too choco-late. It would be sweet. I would continue to drag-on and on and on about it to my friends and they would be "jelly" of what I got.

All dragons are born the same. They all start out with their scales coated in a dull grey colouring and share very little difference between both physical and mental capabilities. This equality is soon changed however, when these fledglings begin to dine upon their first meals. Since dragons have a very different structure to us Trovians, they require far more energy than we want to buy trove items. Because of this, a dragon leaves behind no excess waste, instead absorbing the indigestible parts of the organism consumed. This allows the dragon to 'steal' the parts of the organism that were used to help it survive before its consumption, allowing the dragon to effectively live in the area and continue hunting more prey. Because of this, dragons could have be found in all but one biome: Candoria. You see, dragons are allergic to chocolate, sort of like a corgi. As almost all creatures in Candoria contain this substance, there just isn't enough food a carnivorous dragon could devour without eventually having an allergic reaction and most likely dying.

One day, an egg hatched atop a nest in the Dragonfire Peaks. The fledgling that emerged from it was no ordinary one, as its scales were not grey, but a checkered black/brown pattern. Other, older dragons mocked this fledgling, denying it food and calling it by the name 'Dracocolati', as its unique checkered pattern made it look like chocolate, the same thing that could easily end their existence. Upset about how she was being treated, she fled in search for a new place to live.

Many days later, and the fledgling eventually arrived to Candoria. At such a young age, she wouldn't have been taught the dangers of this area and how almost all food there was fatal. Looking ahead, she accepted this place as her new home and ran hastily inside on the hunt for other dragons.

Millennium pass by, and a young man walks into Candoria. This man had a sweet tooth, so this place provided him with lots of supplies for future adventures. While walking through, he noticed there were no creatures around the proximity, unlike the other Candoria biomes he visited which were some of the busiest known. Enlightened by this, he decided to set up a small tent to stay in overnight, as there appeared to be no threats near him. Dusk quickly fell, and the man climbed into his tent. Closing his eyes, he began to dream about chocolate.

The man quickly awoke, a faint growl surrounding the tent. "How could this be?" he thought, "There were no other beings for miles around!". This growl soon loudened, as this 'thing' creeped closer and closer to the tent. A faint chocolatey aura smothered the tent while the man fumbled for his pocket torch. Through the lining he could make out a gigantic silhouette, resembling that of a mighty beast. What could it be? No such being inhabits Candoria, and dragons cannot survive in the area. The tent flaps open, and a dark, pointed face peers through. The man shines a torch upon this beast, and a dragon is starting directly at him, it's caramel face melting, yet somehow not at the same time. The dragon lay down, covering the tent in a chocolate substance. Baffled, the man reaches over to the dragon, which shows no signs of hostility to Buy Trove Flux, but instead leans closer to the man, forming a bond between the pair. The man falls asleep, one arm resting on the now slumbering dragon.

Dawn arrives, and the man wakes up. The dragon is still beside him, eyes wide open as if was waiting for him to wake. Outside, the man asked for the dragon's name, in which it used its nose to write its name from the ground beneath. "Dracocolati? That's a great name" he said, which caused the dragon to smile. She finally found a friend, and this man was the best friend Dracocolati could have. The man, who is now a candy barbarian, mounted onto Dracocolati and began to fly into the distance, their next adventure waiting for them.