Why was it left in its op state and why was the testing left up to those that can pay? Why even have a PTS when you can just use Live and make people pay to test something. I would continue to test the class but as I can't I will just say that the values placed on the net are double what they need to be balanced.

Them feedback for the class rating 0/10. Literally some couldn't buy the pack, or the people who bought the pack didnt receive their code. And some people got help, some are waiting hours already. Why could we even pay for a empty pack. Still can't play the class so literally the rating is 0/10.

Can you give more info here? Are you having trouble with the pack? If so, what exactly is happening? If not, ask whoever is having trouble to reach out to us directly and we'll get them taken care of.

I said to them what avarem said to me, send a ticket to support just in cache the problem that was being fixed with steam wasnt connected to Buy Trove Flux with the empty packs. But to give more info. When avarem announced there were trouble with people buying the steam back. The people who did succesfully buy it came out with an empty pack with no code inside. Normaly a code will be at DLC-Code after installing the pack. But it's not there. I've send a ticket myself, so i'm just waiting.

Everything feels at least somewhat connected, but the class seems to be focused on its 1 skill. The 1 skill is awkward to keep up when speedrunning through lairs and dungeons, as by the time you reach the next one you'll only have a few seconds left on the 22-second timer. It encourages killing several enemies, but I end up feeling like I'm wasting my time in the process. The net works just fine for dealing extra damage, the 1 skill just feels awkward to use.

What on earth is this even for? You can't use the lasers to tear through lair or dungeon walls, and like every other mount/ship projectile, the damage is always scaled to uselessness. Is the appeal exclusively in the fact that it can shoot these useless lasers?

Also, the best-looking part of the mount is in the front, where (for the most part) you'll have it hidden as you move forward. That's a shame. Why is the Laseratops's back so flat? What are those moving pistons on the sides even for? Who designed this?

There's not much going on with this pack. Class gem keys and a class, essentially. The rest is frivolous to me, the main reason I bought this pack is because I didn't test it on PTS and I wanted to buy trove flux online and test it here. The class is alright, but it feels like every skill is pointing to the 1 skill, and the 1 skill isn't fun to use.