This idea is brilliant, it could be refined a bit, like perhaps the game prioritizes loot to players that does damage (may or may not be dependant on amount, since most leechers just sits on top of the dungeon anyways) once all damage dealers has gotten one of the 8 loot slots, the spares gets awarded randomly to players that haven't done any damage to the boss.

i will say this... the only time i'll leach is whenever the person doesn't care/has a farm set up for everyone or during challenges though most of the time during challenges it's accidental such as when i pass through a dungeon area just as it gets completed when i'm on my way to buy the Trove Flux with a different dungeon... i dont like to leach that much but hey, at least i admit i will.

Welp, about the first idea, how about to allow everyone in the range get the loot, but more player lower loot or some lucky guy can get better loot? I never got a stellar and radiant these days, except radiant I just got 3 radiants this week, I don't really care about that drop anymore.

I honestly could not possibly care if anyone leeched off me unless they lagged me down. The reason is that im not even focussing on other people during play because i have enough difficulty manouvering through these mazelike dungeons already, especially in 3d. (not meant as a negative thing necessarily, often it makes me feel entertained anyway).

Honesty if you are a person that don't want to be leeched outside of the challenge I don't see how hard is it to avoid it. It may go as far as someone going great lengths across the map to leech on you but you can always tell the person not to leech, leave, fly further, make a point by not completing the dungeon or play dead whatever. If a loot system is in place imo its just going to make the game even more so anti social.

If you think losing them is easy, yes on your main, but not while leveling characters. It's faster to fly between tops of dungeons than it takes to bomb into them and do them, if you never noticed my friend. GG on thinking asking them nicely works, majority of the time you get a nasty response or no response at all when you say "please stop following me". Worth noting this was stated in the OP too.

I think my last comment covered pretty well why leeching is not really a problem. The whole not getting loot part has nothing to do with leeching and everything to do with it just being a zerg rush. And a person not helping is also not something to complain about since if they did help they would scatter mobs making it take longer to get them all or they could die which makes you lose more time reviving them, at the end of it, any time gained with them helping is lost with them helping lol. Those seem to be the two main things people have against leeching, time spent and loot lost. As for the "rudeness" some people take issue with, well that's a fairly small issue and I don't see why you would be concerned with that rather than other more pressing matters with the game. But that too also has little to do with the act of leeching and more with the individual player being "rude"

I think I'll end it with this: There are plenty of methods to avoid someone leeching if it really bothers you that much, but leeching itself does not seem to be the problem most people take issue with the Cheap Trove Flux, it's the large groups and not getting loot. This is actually a good topic to debate on and I think the 8 player loot max is what should be talked about here, not certain people leeching in said groups. Think of it this way, if no one ever leeched again would these problems really go away? I would say no. There will still be huge groups running around and a small group can easily snow ball into a large one, so you will still have the issue of getting loot. Dungeons will always take the same amount of time with or without someone leeching, and finally, players will always be rude in a game, leeching or not has no effect on any of these three things, even if leeching was gone all three of these issues would still exist to the exact same degree. It seems like leeching is simple a topic everyone is latching onto in order to vent their frustrations with these three different concerns.