and another thread for the safety of the stahpids...i can clearly remember the days in which u opened the market, entered the price and then clicked the button and u already put it in the market. now, u put in your price. then u get asked if this price u entered was right. after that, the item goes into protectet/stealth mode selling, and nobody can see it or buy it in the next 60 seconds. during those 60 seconds, u CAN, if u actually want to, check prices again and this time hey even got some ****ing spacers there to show u if u typed your damn number right. 

back in the days, people who were clearly to stupid to even enter the marked cryed around because of lost Trove Flux. now, after all those safeguardings have been implemented, it HASNT CHANGED ONE. SINGLE. THING. because people are still not checking theyr prices. 

and if they add colors, and a warning for the warning which asks you if your price is right, people will still not check theyr prices and come to forum to cry.and after all this aggressive salt, im agreeing with Cheap Trove Flux in here, some spacers to clearly show the numbers may(most likely wont) change a thing. but colors are definetively too much...

That's why I proposed an optional change in the confirmation window. If you set your threshold to 25% current average it would simply stop dumb people from being dumb. Of course the more attentive people could turn it off and it would be even less intrusive than it is now.

If such a thing were an option, threads like this would be non-existent. In it's current form these will continue to pop up. The attentives will continue to be upset at all the safeguards (which could then be turned off) and the inattentives will continue to make mistakes (because the safeguards aren't safe enough for this group). A simple optional price calc fixes it for everyone. I think what's driving me crazy about this is no matter how well I try to describe it, very few people seem to get how everyone wins.