What is endgame in Trove exactly? I've been playing mmo's since the early 2k's and end game usually meant you have tackled the hardest content in the game. There's nothing harder left to beat. In Trove, what is that really? Ultra DOTM? I'm clearing that every week and I don't really feel that I need to hit 20k+ PR to do it. I'm almost 13k right now.

"Oh but you can clear it FASTER though!" Seriously? what does it really matter? Takes 10min for my friends and I and we're plenty happy with that.

I'm 300 mastery and any costumes or item skins I've always wanted, I have already. I did it all with no patron. Do I really need Buy Trove Flux in the game? No.. Why? I don't see the point to collecting things where 85% of what I collect I will never use, care to use, or even bother to look at after I have collected said item.

Take ground mounts, sure they are pretty cool and I really do wish they had more use. But dragons have made ground mounts obsolete aside from standing in the hub world looking cool.

Maybe I'm missing something about Trove's so-called "end game" but I can't really think of much this game has that requires patron that I can't do as a free to play. This just isn't that kind of game. Do I buy things in the store from time to time? Sure, if I feel the what is being offered has use to me. But that's why I play Rift, for the real end game. In Trove I build stuff with blocks, fly around and complete "dungeons" (I use that term lightly) because anything that takes 6 seconds to complete really isn't much of a dungeon imo.

I agree with all of that. I've said in the past that jumps and bombs have semi-ruined trove. How much harder would a lot of dungeons/lairs be if we weren't able to break into them from above the boss room? How about traveling through a dungeon where you can only buy it through the Trove Flux for sale. Everything would slow down and people would change their builds to reflect it. Not being able to jump over a dungeons traps would make you more dependent on health and less on crit.

I'm not saying that removing functionality that we've grown to rely on is the option but it made the game easier for sure. The newer mounts that aren't dragons are rarely used which sucks. They just don't share the same functionality as the dragons. Griffons are awesome additions to the game but they are going to be neglected by those who have a dragon as they can't shoot a fireball. 

95% of the people who have one of the following mounts will use it over everything else.

Primordial Dragon/ToW Mount (Fort/Alb/Ganda)/Any Dragon

I'd love to see how many people actually don't use one of those when they have them already. The only time I see people not using these is when a new mount is released. They use the flavor of the month momentarily and then revert back. Making mounts work like they do on RIFT would be a great option. They can keep the internal stats of the 'fastest' mount they have and use the skin they want. This would need to be different in Trove as movement speed isn't the stat that people want to carry over but that is how it would work.

Give non flying mounts a way to fly because you've earned a mount that does fly. Toss a cannon on that ball mount because you have a dragon that can fire as well.

Making it so mounts can unlock an ability removes the reason for me to use only one of a few mounts. I can have my classic PWN-E mount that flies and shoots while looking awesome. People would use different mounts for sure.