Hey everyone! I'm super hyped for the first beta, and hopefully we can get in a bit of technical alphas if possible beforehand, but I'm curious! What race and class combinations are Buy BNS Gold people thinking about at this point? I am super indecisive, although I would go warlock in a heartbeat if they allowed the dang thing to launch on release, which they aren't sadly.

But yeah! Race and classes you're thinking about going? I'd love to hear them!

Oooh! Yun's are lovely! I do love their models. All about those hips! xD I've been testing out classes in the Japanese version of BnS. Warlock is my favorite. I'm so sad it's not coming out Cheap BNS Gold with the game's release. TT A TT

BUT, instead I found that I enjoy the Lyn Summoner. So I think I will be going Lyn Summoner!